Article – Anna’s Favourite Body Shop Perfumes

One day, when I’m rich, the only scents I will wear are the Body Shop perfumes. It won’t be Chanel or Estee Lauder for me, oh no. I want to smell like I just peeled a ripe mango and smeared juice everywhere. Or that I pasted my hair with vanilla flavouring. I don’t even believe in brand loyalty. Body Shop’s perfumes just smell like recognizable things, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s how perfumes should be. And no, they’re not paying me to say that – otherwise I’d go buy their bottles instead of wistfully writing the rest of this article!

So I set out to find which are the best Body Shop perfumes, the ones that that I really want on my dressing table, so I’ll never have to spend hours deciding which to buy ever again. I visited my local branch on Friday. I took a few of those paper tags for perfume testing, and proceeded to label them all with each scent name. I was to obtain a sample of every scent. Three “Can I help yous?” and three repeated explanations later, I had my samples sealed in individual ziploc bags. That evening I would conduct the tests, using my  husband’s gigantic nose to help me discern the nicest perfumes.


Moringa smells like sugarcane. It is feminine yet works well as a unisex perfume – it was first recommended to me by a very androgynous male staff, who swore by it. My husband doesn’t mind a spray or two before formal events as it’s pleasant but not offensively sweet. I also found out it combines very well with their other perfumes, particularly with vanilla, coconut, honey, and  green tea.


Vanilla perfume has been one of my favourites since my grandmother gave me a bottle for my 13th birthday. I wore it so much that catching a whiff of it now takes me straight back. How sad I was when they discontinued it and replaced it with Madagascar Vanilla, which was nowhere as nice! They brought it back now though, which makes me pleased as punch.


Coconut is my mother’s favourite. It’s tropical but not obtrusively sweet, and sophisticated but not overpowering. It’s the holiday perfume for the evenings.

Atlas Mountain Rose

Atlas Mountain Rose is the only scent of Body Shop’s new range that I like. A basic rose perfume is quintessentially feminine, and has a beautiful vintage flair, but good luck finding one in perfume stores nowadays. Thank goodness for the Body Shop, right? Goes great with bright dresses and red lipstick.

Fuji Green Tea

A true unisex perfume. Green tea smells exactly like the real deal. It’s not very sweet, and maybe even little bit bitter, but very light and airy. My husband didn’t like it on its own, but when combined with moringa it’s divine.


My husband’s favorite. It makes you smell edible, just like honeycomb. And it’s fun! It reminds me of late Spring farmer’s markets and iced tea in a cafe with friends.

I consider satsuma, mango, and peach a trio -hear me out- despite satsuma and peach criminally only remaining as eau de toilette. I can never, ever decide between these three. They’re sweet and smell strongly of what it says on the label. If I could afford all three at once, I’d make myself into a fruit salad. But what are the differences, you ask?

  • Well, satsuma is very citrus-y with a hint of lemon. It smells like orange juice, the nice fresh sort, made with really ripe oranges.
  • Mango is incredibly sweet. You know when a mango is very nearly overripe and peeling it is like wrestling with a wet bar of soap? It smells like that.
  • Peach is somewhere in-between. It’s got an acidic edge to it, and it’s sweet, yet it’s softer.

Are there any Body Shop perfumes to avoid, though? Well, in my opinion, yes, there are. I can’t stand any in the men’s rage, especially white musk. Strawberry smells particularly fake and chemical. And while I love shea butter as a hand cream, I’m not sure it’s necessary to have it as a perfume.


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